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We look forward to hosting you at New Horizon Temple!
Please take a moment to complete this short survey,
so we can better serve you during your stay. 

Are you traveling with Spouse and/or Children? If so, what are the ages of the children? (Optional)

To better asist with your arrival, are you driving to Elmwood Park? What type of vehicle will you be driving? 

If you are flying in, which airport will you be arriving at and what time will be your arrival?

What are your travel plans?

Preferrd Fruits (Optional)
Preferrd Nuts (Optional)
Preferrd Beverages(Optional)

Please provide us with any information concerning allergies or dietary restrictions. (Optional)

Please list any other amenities we may provide you with, to make your stay more comfortable. (Optional)

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Is there anything you would like to share with our media team? (Outlines, Comments, Scriptures, Presentations, Graphics, etc)

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Thank You For Your Time!

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